“Can I have a copy of your PowerPoint?”

pb-seminarMy name is Bong Baylon. I am a thought leader, communicator, coach, consultant and pastor. I write, teach, train, preach, and communicate in many different ways. Through the years I have produced various PowerPoint presentations to help me communicate. In the past, people would always come up to me and ask for my PowerPoint slides. At first, I would give them away free. Over time I realized that each of these PowerPoint presentations required a lot of work, and I cannot — and should not — just give them away. So, now, I make them available through this site. You can buy them for a small fee, and then you can use them anyway you wish. But if you choose to change or edit the contents, it will be your call and responsibility. I have done my best to be faithful to the truth whenever I make these presentations (see my background below), as I understand the truth both from the Scriptures (because I am a Christian and a pastor) as well as from other sources (which I can assure you I always critically examine before accepting them as “truth”). You may not agree with my content, but it’s okay. You can change them if you like, provided that you do not quote me with regard to the changes you’ve made (I can only be responsible for what I write).

The resources here are mostly for those who have heard me teach, preach or train somewhere, and they want to have a copy of the PowerPoint presentations that I used. I make them available here in digital format. You can immediately and easily download them right after paying through the Paypal or Amazon gateways (please read the information concerning Security of Purchase on the right side of this page). But, if this is a problem for you, please communicate with me directly if you wish to get the resource (except for Amazon products) via email, Facebook Messenger, or through Dropbox or Google Drive cloud links. You can contact me here.

My Background

I graduated from the International Graduate School of Leadership with two degrees: Master of Divinity in Exposition and Teaching and Master of Theology in Systematic Theology. I am currently completing my Doctor of Ministry in Leadership Effectiveness in the same school.

Currently, I am the senior pastor of Real Life Christian Communities. I am also the Regional Marketing Director of the Global Leadership Summit in the Philippines. I am also an Adjunct Professor at the International Graduate School of Leadership where I teach leadership, preaching, and church planting.

baylon-family-at-pure-factor-camp-2016I am married to Gina Baylon and we have two sons, John David and Joseph Immanuel. I love jazz music and I play basketball occasionally. I am also an avid reader, a constant listener of various podcasts, and I am a lifelong learner on various topics.