When your feelings get in the way

Feelings9 So Moses spoke thus to the sons of Israel, but they did not listen to Moses on account of their despondency and cruel bondage. (Exodus 6:9)

We’re created with the ability to feel. Feelings are major factors that we consider whenever we decide and eventually act. It’s very hard to disregard them or to pretend that they are not there. Our minds can become blurry whenever negative feelings overwhelm us. Positive feelings can of course be very motivating. But the feeling that you are a victim, that you are helpless, etc. can be so debilitating that we often get paralyzed by the situation. Sometimes even the very words of God become irrelevant because our feelings are larger than God Himself. Getting your eyes off your situation and into the reality of who God is will surely help. But it would take a strong act of the will to do that. That’s why we desperately need His grace to change our hearts first. Our heart decides what to think and believe. Only a new heart can decide that God’s will and purpose is far more important than our situation or our interpretation¬†of it. Ironically, it is the word of God that changes our hearts. Ask God to change your heart, to make you willing and able to focus on Him rather than on your negative situation. With God nothing is impossible, and also impossible is nothing.