Now you can learn and grow wherever you are

Have nothing to do with godless myths and old wives’ tales; rather, train yourself to be godly.
(1 Timothy 4:7)

Equip Slider 4Christ Followers Institute is a school. But not just an ordinary school. First of all, it’s a school for those who really want to follow Christ more closely or effectively. Second, it’s a school for those whose life situation prevents them from physically attending a class or course. Third, it’s a school for those who want a more personal approach to their learning rather than just being one of the faces in a classroom. Lastly, it’s a school for those who want to be responsible for their own learning. CFI is not for passive learners, or those who just want to attend classes, listen to professors lecture for hours, and then take notes while waiting for the exams. At CFI you will be challenged to take responsibility for your own learning. Click here to know more about our Philosophy of Learning.

Unique features of Christ Followers Institute

  • You will have an experienced Teacher who will personally guide you and help you in your learning goals.CSC_0518
  • You don’t have to be physically present in a classroom in order to learn. Meetings with your Teacher will be done online through video conferencing. You will agree on the schedule. Each meeting will only last from 30 to 45 minutes.
  • You will be free to choose your own way of learning using any means (visual, audio, or both). Your Teacher will respect your learning style and will guide you in the right resources to use for your learning.
  • You can choose your own pacing (slow, medium, fast). Since you will be charged on a per meeting basis with your Teacher, it’s up to you when you want to meet with him or her for follow-up and/or accountability.
  • The cost is minimal. You will only pay a Consultation Fee of 500 pesos (15 USD for those abroad) on a per meeting basis. It’s up to you to choose how many meetings you would like to have with your Teacher. There are NO TUITION FEES and other MISCELLANEOUS CHARGES to worry about. In addition, you can choose learning resources that are available for FREE on the internet. Your Teacher will guide you so that you can access and use those resources easily. However, you may have to pay for other learning resources (e.g. books, RightNow Media, etc.). But the overall cost will still be minimal compared with other schools.
  • Last but not the least, your case profile and learning needs will be discussed regularly by a Student Learning Committee (SLC) in order to assess the best possible way of helping you to meet your learning goals. You will be guaranteed the best guidance possible so that you can fulfill your learning goals.